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For the past five years, Stanza Bookshop has been dedicated to providing great books for the international and local community in The Hague and beyond.

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Stanza Bookshop

Noordeinde 98 - The Hague

Features books in English, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese, Eastern European languages and International Law Books.

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Librairie Stanza

Noordeinde 45 - The Hague

Specialised in French books.

"We are a small passionate team of readers from diverse backgrounds. Together we aim to share our love of reading with you"

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We are always happy to help you find any books you are looking for, in any of the languages we provide (and other ones as well), you can contact us through the email addresses listed below.

We can also provide larger quantities of books for events, libraries and schools, and are able to sell on location.

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1 send us a email with the book you're looking for

2 we order the book for you

3 pick up your book from our shop or get it delivered!

Portugese, German, Greek,
Eastern Europeon Languages & International Law Books

Looking for your favourite book in another language?

Please visit our shop, our send us an email

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